Judge Brian MacKenzie (Ret.)

I am an award winning judicial educator who has written and presented on a broad range of issues including: procedural fairness, veterans treatment courts, and domestic violence.

Judge MacKenzie speaking at a Veterans' Court Graduation.


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Judge Brian MacKenzie

I served as a Judge of the Novi MI District Court for almost three decades working to improve the justice system. In recognition of that effort, I was honored by the Foundation for the Improvement of Justice with the Paul H. Chapman medal “for significant contributions to the American Criminal Justice System.” Receiving this award was one of the highest honors of my life.  Additionally, my work has been recognized by the American Judges Association when it awarded me its highest award for educating the judiciary.

During my time on the bench, I served as the American Bar Association/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Judicial Fellow.  This work took me all over the United States teaching and writing about traffic safety issues.

Near the end of my career, I was elected President of the American Judges Association. Now I am one of the co-founders of the Justice Speakers Institute.  I have lectured throughout the world on a broad range of issues including procedural fairness, problem solving courts, domestic violence, impaired driving, drug testing, traffic safety and civil liability. Recently I attended a conference in Istanbul, Turkey on the new treaty between the European Union and Turkey involving Syrian refugees.

Karen and Brian MacKenzie

Karen and Brian MacKenzie

I have written extensively on justice issues.  My latest publication was the American Judges Association’s white paper entitled “The Judge Is the Key Component: The Importance of Procedural Fairness in Drug-Treatment Courts.” I also co-edited the book Michigan Criminal Procedure.  You can find a complete listing of my articles, presentations, blog postings and podcasts under the publications section on this website.

I am married to the love of my life Karen MacKenzie and we have three children -- Kate, David and Breanna. We also have three grandsons -- Daniel, Raymond and Henry.  Maggie and Cooper, our rescue dogs, complete our family.

With Judges Kavanaugh and Lawrence
At the Migration, Human and Justice Conference in Istanbul, Turkey
Judge Brian MacKenzie with Martin Sheen and Karen MacKenzie
Bringing marital bliss
With Judge Haley, and Robbie Gordon, NASCAR
With Senator Levin and a Michigan Delagation
Reading to kids at school
With former Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly of the Michigan Supreme Court
With wife Karen
Judge MacKenzie (Ret.) speaking at the Right to Counsel Conference
Judge MacKenzie, Brian Chodrow, West Huddleston, Judge Haley
Judge MacKenzie speaking outside of the Hall of Justice.
Judge MaKenzie, Canadian Justice Suzanne Cote, Gerald Tremblay and Karen MacKenzie
Judge MacKenzie moderating a table at the Right to Counsel Conference
With one of his grandchildren
Judge Brian MacKenzie
Judge Brian MacKenzie

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